Experience is king. It can be obtained by first taking several practical and theoretical courses, providing for a very solid basis.

However, at C-MASTERS we also offer a more playful approach to learning and building up experience ...



Experience Builder

"Sailing to the Baltic and the Stockholm Archipelago"



For this Experience Builder we don’t go south or west, but north, north-east … Yes indeed this is another opportunity for aspirant coastal skippers and yachtmasters to build up experience. Every day will be different with a mix of different situations and manoeuvres !

And what a destination .... For many of us, sailing to Stockholm is most probably a once in a lifetime experience.

Feel ready for this challenge? This is a one-way trip from the Netherlands to Stockholm of minimum 800 NM, which means that we’ll also have to add some nightsailing to your sailing experience ! (allthough the nights are VERY short in June …)


The route of this experience builder

Your route with our Grand Soleil 45 will start in the north of the Netherlands (IJsselmeer area).

Planning our way towards sea is always a good exercise: is there a favourable tide ? And what about opening times of locks  ? As you see, you’ll have to master your planning skills to enter the North Sea, calculate the tidal streams to arrive at the Dutch Wadden. Next passage planning decision for you to make: Do we have time for a stop in Terschelling or Vlieland, before we sail to the German Bight, knowing that our first possible stop will be Cuxhaven where we’ll prepare for the Kieler Canal ?

After passing through the canal, we will be in the Oostsee, ready to go north up. Let’s make a stop in Malmo or Kopenhagen! Yes these are really different waters, different weather patterns, long long daylight … and do not forget, different gastronomical culture ( yes we do also have to stop and eat from time to time ).

Rounding the south coast of Sweden will be completely new for most of our crew. Ever heard of Ystad or Simrishamn? What about making a stop at the mythical island of Bornholm?

From now on we’ll see the slow changes on the Swedish East coast … more bays and islands, harbours like Karlskrona and Kalmar. From here we’re only 200 NM away from the Stockholm Archipelago. But you’ll wish we still have a week or so to navigate and visit the hundreds of islands and beautiful little natural marinas along the coast.  Obligatory stops on Uto or Dalaro will be in the route plan.  Now we’re approaching Stockholm !  Time left for a stop on the  mythical island of Sandhamn ? (known from the Netflix crimi: The Sandhamn Murders)

We're almost there, but no time to relax on your navigation yet. Pilotage will be of the essence, as the archipelago is made up of rocks, rocks, rocks ….

This Experience Builder is guaranteed to boost your skills.


What's included

  • Accommodation on 45 ft yacht with instructor
  • One-way sailing trip
  • Fuel and mooring fees
  • Free parking at our premises

Meals on board and transfer to our departure harbour and back from Stockholm are not included in the fee.


Supporting courses

We recommend the C-MASTERS Passage Planning course and our RYA navigation courses.


Supporting books

To make the most out of your experience builder, we recommend reading the RYA Navigation handbook.




Details of this experience builder

Recommended previous experience: Enthousiastic sailers at the level of Day Skipper and Competent Crew.


Recommended knowledge: As a minimum at the level of RYA Day Skipper shorebased navigation.


Duration: 10 days for one-way voyage



  • 8 to 17 June


Cost: 1450 euro 








What an adventure ! Great instructor and boat


The combination of my RYA training course and this sailing trip was ideal. 

It was an excellent opportunity to make lots of miles and explore a new sailing area. I highly recommend your Experience Builders.

I can't wait to join you for the next adventure.


-- Monica --




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