RYA Coastal Skipper / Yachtmaster shorebased theory course 


Advanced training for more experienced skippers building on the Day Skipper course. This course equips you to navigate safely on coastal and offshore passages.






Course content

  • position fixing
  • course shaping and plotting
  • tidal knowledge
  • use of almanacs and admiralty publications
  • electronic position finding equipment
  • taking and interpreting forecasts
  • plotting weather systems
  • weather predictions using a barometer and by observation
  • collision regulations
  • customs and regulations for cruising abroad

The course is taught over 7 days in English. You may choose a series of weekends or an intensive week-long course.


Ability after the course

This course will stretch your knowledge on navigation, allowing you to make sound decisions on navigational passage planning, position finding and regulation, both during daytime and during the night. This course is highly recommended for all who aim at achieving a Yachtmaster practical examination and the Yachtmaster Certificate of Competence.


What's included

  • RYA Yachtmaster shorebased notes theory handbook
  • RYA training charts 3 and 4
  • Examination
  • RYA Yachtmaster shorebased Certificate 
  • Sandwich lunch and coffee/tea 
  • Free parking at our premises 


Supporting courses

We recommend the RYA Diesel Engine and RYA Radar and practical C-MASTERS courses, in particular Passage Planning and Navigation @ Night.


Supporting books

We recommend the RYA Sea Survival handbook, the RYA Weather handbook and the RYA Navigation handbook. Another useful RYA publication is the Navigation exercises book.





Details of this course

Duration: 7 consecutive days or 3 extended weekends



  • Kats, the Netherlands
  • Brussels, Belgium


Previous experience:  Practical sailing or motorboat experience


Assumed knowledge: Knowledge of navigation to the level of Day Skipper, Yachtman or TKN


Number of students:  4


Cost: 870 Euro


Course dates at our training centre in Zeeland: 

  • Course divided over 3 weekend sessions - (FULLY BOOKED)
    • 13 to 15 January
    • 11 and 12 February
    • 18 and 19 March
  • Please enquire for other availablity dates.


Course dates at our training centre in the Brussels city area: 

  • Course divided over 3 weekend sessions (FULLY BOOKED)
    • 21 and 22 January
    • 17 to 19 February
    • 11 and 12 March
  • Course divided over 3 weekend sessions (FULLY BOOKED)
    • 28 and 29 January
    • 24 to 26 February
    • 11 and 12 March
  • Please enquire for alternative availablity dates.







Very very happy !


Great communication when booking the course at C-MASTERS. Liked the classroom and small group of students, it was almost like a private training. It was definitely fun. I'm very very happy, now let's go sailing !


-- Deniz --




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