RYA Yachtmaster Ocean course

This course is for those aspiring to blue water cruising and is ideal for holders of the Yachtmaster Offshore certificate who are preparing for their first ocean passage.  It is the highest level of training provided within our RYA program, and highly respected for commercial positions on board of yachts.







Course content

  • The earth and the celestial sphere
  • Practical guide to use and care of sextant at sea
  • Meridian altitudes
  • Sun, star and other sights
  • Ocean passage planning

The course is taught over 40 hours with one exam paper. It can be covered as a series of weekend sessions, or as an intensive week-long course.


Ability after the course

The training on astronavigation will make your sextant your best friend, and allow you to confidently take sights at sea to obtain your position and carry out compass checks. In addition you'll have a better insight in worldwide meteorology, passage planning and communications for long voyages at sea. Combined with sessions on crew management, watch keeping, victualling, water and fuel management and emergency equipment, this will give you a great knowledge base for putting the theory into practice on an ocean voyage.


What's included

  • All course materials
  • Sandwich lunch and coffee/tea
  • Free parking at our premises
  • RYA Ocean certificate when successfully passing the exam


Supporting courses

We recommend the C-MASTERS practical celestial navigation course for exercising taking sights and position fixing with a sextant at sea.


Supporting books

Books to further enrich your knowledge on ocean passages are RYA Offshore sailing, the RYA Meteorology handbook and the RYA Sea Survival handbook



Details of this course

Duration :  5 consecutive days or 3 weekends


Previous experience: Coastal or offshore sailing


Assumed knowledge: Knowledge of navigation at level of RYA Yachtmaster Shorebased


Number of students:  4


Minimum age:  18 years


Cost:  745 Euro


Course dates :

  • Week from 20 to 24 January
  • Please enquire for alternative availabilty dates




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