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C-MASTERS is one of the only RYA training centre in Europe to offer the range of RYA Powerboat courses over and above Powerboat Level 2. The Powerboat courses are provided at our RYA Training Centre in Zeeland (South of the Netherlands).

The RYA Powerboat courses range starts with Powerboat Level 2. This is the most popular RYA Powerboat course in the world, and provides the foundation for all the practical skills and background knowledge that you need to go afloat safely. 

RYA Intermediate is the next level after the RYA Powerboat Level 2 course. This course is aimed at further developing your skills for more challenging coastal waters and longer passages.

The Powerboat Advanced premium training course boosts boat handling, seamanship, pilotage and navigation up to the standards required to drive a planing powerboat safely by day and night in tidal coastal waters, in more demanding conditions. This course can be combined with an examination by an independent RYA examiner, giving you the opportunity to acquire the highly regarded RYA Powerboat Advanced Certificate of Competence. 








Full Range of Powerboat courses - for Yachting Professionals and recreational skippers


Our team of experienced instructors is at your service to teach you all elements of the powerboat courses. They are equally well qualified to teach the range of supporting shorebased RYA expert courses including Radar Operator, First Aid and Sea Survival.

This full range of courses is ideal for professionals in the yachting industry aiming at swiftly acquiring valuable skills and certificates for successfully progressing their yachting career.


All levels of Powerboat training and complementary shorebased expert RYA courses

are now available at your doorstep in Europe 







Whatever your Powerboat training needs are, we will help you MASTER them!



Overview of all our RYA Powerboat practical training offerings



RYA Powerboat Level 2 training


Provides the skills and knowledge needed for driving a powerboat including driving at planing speed, close quarters handling, and collision regulations.

RYA Powerboat Intermediate training


The Powerboat Intermediate course develops your advanced boat handling, cruising at planing speed and covers the practical use of traditional and electronic pilotage and passage planning during the day.



RYA Powerboat Advanced training / exam


Course focussed on challenging navigation and boat handling on coastal waters during day and night, including lee shore handling, adverse conditions and SAR patterns.

RYA Tender Operator


Manoeuvring more smoothly and learning important pilotage skills, ideal when operating a powerboat with responsibility for passengers.

RYA Personal Watercraft proficiency


The one day RYA proficiency course prepares you for riding safely and responsibly and is designed for first time and experienced riders alike.



RYA Shorebased courses


Extensive range of complementary RYA courses, such as the SRC VHF exam, Sea Survival, Radar, navigation skills and First Aid certification.







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