RYA Sea Survival course


If you were struck by disaster at sea and you had to abandon your vessel, would you know how to save the lives of your crew and yourself ? The RYA Sea Survival training course helps you to prepare for the worst case scenario; that of having to abandon your yacht at sea.

Next to this being a ‘life-saving’ course, which is highly recommended to any crew member, it also fulfils the requirements for anyone seeking a Commercial Endorsement for their RYA Yachtmaster certificate.






Course content

This one day of training covers essential sea survival skills, and consist of theory and a practical sessions.

The key element of the course is to learn and practice using life-rafts. Therefore the day includes a practical session in an indoor pool. You will be learning how to inflate, climb into, upright and survive in a life raft. 

The course contains amongst other the following topics:

  • Liferafts
  • Safety materials
  • Lifejackets
  • Survival techniques
  • Using flares
  • Medical aspects of surviving at sea
  • Surviving in cold water
  • Search and Rescue operations
  • Helicopter rescue

This course is available at our RYA Training Centre locations in Belgium.

We strongly believe that this training is invaluable to safe your life and that of your dearest when worst comes to worst. We recommend all yacht and powerboat professional and leisure crew and skipper to attend this course.


Ability after the course

You will obtain a good knowledge of the safety equipment carried on yachts and the techniques needed to survive at sea in heavy weather.

At successful completion of the course, you will receive the RYA Sea Survival Certificate. 





Details of this course

Duration :  One full day



  • Belgium


Previous experience : None


Assumed knowledge : None


Minimum age: 13 years


Cost:  265 Euro



What's included

  • One full day of training by our RYA Sea Survival instructor 
  • Use of all necessary safety materials
  • Loan of lifejacket for use during practical training
  • Loan of wet weather gear
  • RYA Sea Survival handbook
  • Sandwich lunch, coffee, thee
  • RYA Sea Survival certificate


Supporting courses

The one-day RYA First Aid course perfectly complements the medical skills as taught at the Sea Survival course. 


Supporting books

We recommend the RYA Offshore Sailing handbook for additional learning




Register for joining this course


Course dates at our training centre in Belgium:  

  • new dates will be announced




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