At C-MASTERS, we have created a selection of 'must do' courses. After several years of providing training we know which topics and skills are considered complex by students. Most of these topics are covered in the RYA shorebased courses and in practical courses. However, a more intensive training is needed to become a confident skipper.


Sailing holidays in Mediterranean countries on a chartered boat are absolutely marvelous. However, they can quickly turn into a disaster when you are not skilled enough to handle challenging situation such as mooring and anchoring. Your goal should be to enjoy a relaxing vacation and come back from your holiday with good memories and with a sense of achievement. This course is designed to do precisely this, targeting situations and areas where people usually fail and teaching you how to avoid or deal with holiday-disasters.

This course is highly recommended for anyone who wants to go on a sailing holiday in the Mediterranean.





MASTERCLASS : Mediterranean Yachting Skills


Course content

Skill builder for mastering Mediterranean Mooring and boat handling like a pro!

You will get valuable tips for managing your charter boat and sailing holiday in the sun. You will practise how to work as a team and manage a charter yacht short-handed.

The Mediterranean yachting skills builder course is for you who want to come well prepared for your sailing vacation. The course takes place during a weekend. This way you don't have to spend your precious vacation days for training, but rather allocate them where they belong: To your holiday!

In this intense 2-day course, you will learn all the skills that will make you confident and competent, and you will get the tips and tricks to have a successful and stress-free sailing holiday in the Mediterranean.  The topics include, amongst others:

  • Receiving the yacht
  • Safety brief for friends and family
  • Med-Mooring
  • Anchoring
  • Working as a team
  • Preparation and passage planning
  • Tips & tricks in the Med

This course is suitable for the whole family and for shorthanded couples. And of course for the skipper wanting to confidently taking friends out for an enjoyable sailing trip in the sun.




Details of this course

Required knowledge : None required, but we recommend RYA Day Skipper


Recommended experience: Training to the level of Day Skipper or Coastal Skipper


Duration: 2 days


Cost: 690 euro



 What's included

  • Tuition by one of the best RYA instructors
  • Accommodation on board in your own cabin (no sharing)
  • All meals and drink on board 
  • All mooring and fuel fees
  • Free parking at our premises 


Supporting courses

We recommend the various RYA navigation courses for in-depth understanding of boat handling and navigation while manoeuvring under sail or power.


Supporting books

The Reeds Skipper booklet is handy as a reference book.


Register for joining this course


Dates of courses in Zeeland:

  • 11 an 12 May
  • 18 and 19 May
  • 29 and 30 June


Other dates are available on request





Just what we needed !

Great tips and practice for handling hectic moments.

Thank you for making our Greek sailing holiday much more enjoyable for me and my family


Overview of all our own C-MASTERS expert course



Advanced Boat Handling


Learn the correct methods for safely manoeuvre a cruising yacht in a harbour and in confined spaces. Understand the fundamentals of boat handling and get the skills to master manoeuvring anywhere.



Advanced Navigation and Pilotage


This is the course you need to master the art of effective navigation during pilotage. We will teach you advanced navigational techniques, as well as acquainted with pilotage planning and smart tactical techniques for close quarter navigation. 

Meteorology and weather forecasting


Whether it a short daytime passage or a long offshore passage, an experienced skipper does know what weather can be expected during the voyage. This requires a good understanding of meteorology and ability to properly analyse the available weather forecasts.

Practical Radar Operator training

radar-image 3

This two day masterclass is a combination of theory and extensive practical hands-on training. The training includes making real passages on board of one of our yachts while working with radar during fictive night sailing and restricted visibility situations.

Offshore and coastal Passage Planning


This course is a 'must do' for skippers who wish to learn a pragmatic and practical method for planning passages on coastal waters or further offshore. This course is strongly recommended for anyone preparing for a Yachtmaster exam.


Mediterranean Yachting Skills


Mooring your boat in the Med doesn't have to be stressful at all. We will teach you the techniques step-by-step during one of our course weekends.







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