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Welcome to our C-MASTERS International Sailing School in Brussels




We offer a comprehensive program of RYA navigation courses, supplemented with our own experience builders and mile builders.

In addition, we offer several special C-MASTERclasses for skill building on hands-on topics such as radar, boat handling and celestial navigation.

C-MASTERS International Sailing School is recognised by the Royal Yachting Association for RYA navigation theory courses, and based in the 'Uccle-commune' of Brussels.

Our sister company C-MASTERS Training Centre, with its location in Zeeland, offers the RYA recognised practical sailing courses on the Oosterschelde estuary. This beautiful and exciting tidal sailing area offers easy access to sea for offshore sailing, but also sheltered conditions for beginning sailors.

Using this combination of complementary theoretical and practical training modules, C-MASTERS will coach you all the way from acquiring your first essential navigation knowledge to becoming a confident experienced offshore skipper.







What makes us different ?


Our mission is to offer a great learning experience to our clients in a fun, and above all, safe way.


  • We are a 100% international school, serving the English speaking community in Belgium.
  • We are the only school around offering the full range of RYA navigation courses, including RYA Radar and the prestigious RYA Yachtmaster Ocean course.
  • We work with small groups of students in the classroom and on board. This will give you the maximum attention by your instructor and lots of time on board to practice your skills.
  • Would you like us to provide a private course at your home or at your company office ?  No problem at all, just send us an enquiry.
  • We extend the standard RYA navigation course packages with additional practically useful books for free. We're keen to motivate you to keep on learning, also after you completed the course with us.
  • Students are offered free access to our instructors via our platform, both during their course and 6 months after they finished their course, for advice or any questions on the course or on sailing in general.
  • We will personally pick you up at the airport or train station if you're traveling to us by plane or public transportation.
  • Easy and free parking if you're coming by car. How unique is that for Brussels ....
  • All our students will receive a detailed skill development program as part of their course, tailored to their knowledge, achieved progress and personal objectives.
  • Outstanding students can enrol in our own C-MASTERS yacht delivery crew training program, turning your hobby into a profession.













    Come on board and explore our beautiful sailing area on one of our C-MASTERS yachts


    Whatever your sailing needs are, we will help you MASTER them!



    RYA shorebased courses


    RYA classroom courses for Day Skipper and Yachtmaster shorebased certificates, and specialised courses for RYA Yachtmaster Ocean and RYA Radar training.

    C-MASTERclasses skill sharpeners


    Practical C-MASTERS courses on board, including navigation during day and at night, the use of radar and plotters, celestial navigation, safety on board, and relaxed boat handling in harbours and locks.


    Mile Builder Channel Islands in July


    Adventurous mile builder voyage this summer to France, UK and some of the beautiful Channel Islands.


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    +31 85 130 64 26


     Veerhaven 3

                   4485 PL   Kats

                   The Netherlands


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