Experience is king. Having done several theory and practical courses is fun and a great way to build up your experience.

But wouldn't it be fantastic if you could share this joy with your family?  Quite often the rest of the family lacks this experience and, when sailing with them, they miss out on the fun.  Unexpected movements of the boat, beeping instruments, large ships crossing, and entering busy marinas and locks, can create stress on board. This could turn what should have been a joyful family boat trip into a miserable event with arguing, fear and sometimes even a lasting fear of sailing.  

To avoid this from happening to your family, we have developed a special program.




Experience Builder

"Sailing as a family"


Description of this experience builder

We welcome you and your family on a bespoke sailing trip on board of one of our C-MASTERS yachts accompanied by one of our senior instructors. During the course, all family members will learn practical skills and get tasks assigned that meet their capacities and interest. Even the youngest will get actively involved in navigating and sailing the yacht.

Our instructor will make sure that you will have a safe and joyful sailing trip, and that you will start working as a team where every family member will discover his/her hidden skills and a passion for sailing.


What you get at the end

After this experience builder, you will be ready to go sailing as a family, confidently and eager to explore more aspects of this great hobby.


What's included

  • Bespoke sailing yacht with senior instructor
  • RYA Yacht Sailing Techniques book
  • Food (breakfast and lunch) and drinks on board
  • Fuel and mooring fees
  • Free parking at our training location


Supporting courses

We recommend the RYA Essential Navigation shorebased course (either in classroom or online) for all members of the family.


Supporting books

We recommend the crew members in your family to read the RYA Competent Crew practical skills handbook to learn about nautical terminology and some practical manoeuvres.



Details of this course

Recommended previous experience:  Some experience on boats is preferable


Recommended knowledge: None required, but some knowledge on navigation at the level of RYA Essential navigation or Day skipper shorebased is a plus.


Minimum age: 12 years


Duration:  3 to 7 days



  • tailored to your availability, on request.


Cost: on request




Overview of all our Experience Building offerings



Coastal Sailing - for the first time


Let this experience builder be that big step forward that will allow you to expand your sailing area to a new dimension

Mile Building


Quickly build up as many miles as possible with our C-MASTERS mile builders to various destinations 


Crossing North Sea to London

img-7070 2

Being able to cross the North Sea and arrive in the UK is a milestone in the experience of all sailors. During 9 days, we will take you to various destinations including its bustling capital. 

Channel Islands Challenge 2022


Great opportunity to develop your advanced passage making skills, while sailing via Belgium and France to Guernsey, and back via the isle of Wight in the South of the UK. This is the ultimate summer sailing challenge. 

Sailing as a Family


Pass the sailing bug on to your family. All family members participate, learn and enjoy sailing.


Cruising with confidence


Sail, relax and explore our beautiful sailng area on board of your own or rented yacht.  Don't let confidence or lack of familiarity with the sailing area be an obstacle. Our instructor is there to assist you in making your recreative cruise a success.






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