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Thank you for your interest in the RYA shorebased classroom courses of our C-MASTERS Training Centre in Belgium.

You can enrol in this activity by completing your details in this booking form, followed by a simple click on 'Submit' at the bottom of the form. 






Terms and Conditions



C-MASTERS International Sailing School (C-MASTERS) is a trading name for Celstar BV.  Our registered office is Celstar BV, Veerhaven 3, 4485 PL, Kats, The Netherlands. Our company registration number is 20110410. Our VAT number is NL811917150B01.  Our email address is seiriuqne.[antispam]  

  1. Booking process

On receipt of your enquiry or booking, we will contact you to discuss your specific requirements and previous experience and qualifications. We will then send you a confirmation letter or email, clearly setting out the details of the course or activity, the dates, and the cost. Countersigning and returning the confirmation to us with acceptance of the terms and conditions, constitutes a definite booking. We will confirm the booking via email or in writing within 5 days.

  1. Payment

Each booking must be accompanied by a deposit of 25% of the total activity cost. Payment of the balance must be made 28 days prior to the start of the course, or immediately if you are booking less than 28 days in advance. Bookings are only considered firm on receipt of the deposit. If within 28 days prior to the course the balance of the fee has not been received, on the 28th day a reminder letter or email will be sent to you. If 9 days from the date of the course the balance has still not been received C-MASTERS reserves the right to sell your space on the booked course. If C-MASTERS is successful in selling your space on the course and mitigating its costs you will only forfeit the deposit. If C-MASTERS fails to sell the space, you will be liable for the full fee. Payment should be made by bank transfer. The bank details of C-MASTERS are as follows:

IBAN  NL63INGB0005148519


  1. Cancellation by client

You may cancel your booking at any time. Your cancellation must be received by letter. If you cancel your booking more than 28 days before the activity, your deposit will be forfeited. If you cancel the course within twenty eight days of commencement of the course every possible attempt will be made to mitigate your costs, to let the space elsewhere. If successful you will only forfeit the deposit. If unsuccessful you will be expected to pay the full fee. Insurance is strongly recommended.

  1. Delay or non-arrival

If you are likely to be delayed beyond the start of your course, or you cannot attend your course through illness or commitments elsewhere, you are requested to contact C-MASTERS as soon as possible. If you fail to arrive, for any reason whatsoever including illness and have not notified C-MASTERS in advance of the course, you will automatically forfeit the total monies paid and no liability by doing so shall attach C-MASTERS whatsoever. 

  1. Cancellation by C-MASTERS

 If C-MASTERS cancels the event for any reason, and we are unable to accommodate you on another date, our liability will be limited to the return of any monies already paid.

  1. Alterations

Should you wish to alter the date or type of activity/course of your original booking we will make every effort to reschedule. You will be liable for any activity specific costs which we are not able to recover, for example but not limited to, food, boat or material hire, accommodation.

  1. Insurance

C-MASTERS carries full public liability insurance for the activities in which we engage. However, we advise that you take out adequate personal insurance.

  1. Force Majeure

C-MASTERS reserves the right to cancel/curtail your booked activity due to circumstances amounting to Force Majeure – these include, but are not limited to, war, riots, government action, terrorism, fire, weather conditions, strike action and all similar events outside C-MASTERS’s control. Where such circumstances occur C-MASTERS will not be liable to pay you refunds or compensation.


Shorebased courses typically start at approximately 1000 hours until 1700 hours on the last day or otherwise stated on your booking confirmation. Note that these are only a guide and any variation may be made prior to the course commencing. 

  1. Minimum age and vulnerable adults

The minimum age for attending courses is 18 years. Persons under 18 years are accepted when accompanied on board by parent or guardian. For persons under 18 these Terms and Conditions must be accepted by the parent or guardian. 

C-MASTERS will relax regulations on a case by case basis in relation to RYA training schemes which may inhibit the performance of candidates with special needs, provided that the standard, quality and integrity of schemes and assessments are not compromised.


No liability is accepted for any vehicles parked in the Marina grounds, or your Possessions in the vehicle, on the pontoons or in the vessels or accommodation. No liability is accepted for you whilst on C-MASTERS’s grounds, in any of the C-MASTERS properties, on ladders, pontoons or vessels. You participate in any aspect of any course at your own risk.


Breakages or damages whatsoever caused must be immediately notified to the Principal. You shall be liable for any loss or damage to C-MASTERS training centre equipment, vessel’s equipment, up to and including the first 100 Euro per item. 


Certificates will only be issued at the end of a course if, in the opinion of the C-MASTERS Instructors and Principal, you have reached the necessary standard. The Principal and Instructor’s decision shall be final. 


Any dispute should be brought to the attention of the skipper or principal at the earliest opportunity to be resolved, and must be received by us by letter. In the event of a dispute not being settled by mutual agreement, any agreements and contracts shall be governed by the laws of the Netherlands and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Netherlands. All agreements and contracts between customers and C-MASTERS shall be governed by Dutch Law, even when the dispute occurs outside Dutch territorial waters 


C-MASTERS will not pass any of your personal details to any third party with the exception of the Royal Yachting Association for the purposes of certification registration only. All customer’s personal details will be treated in the strictest confidence. See our privacy policy on our website





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