RYA CEVNI online test


Anyone requiring an ICC valid for inland European waters must pass the CEVNI Test.

To validate your ICC (International Certificate of Competence) for inland European waters you must take the CEVNI test, which checks your knowledge of the rules and signs that skippers of pleasure craft are expected to know and follow.






Course content

The RYA online CEVNI test is a short multiple choice online assessment paper that you can take remotely from anywhere in the world.


After purchasing the course, we will provide you with your login details to the RYA interactive learning platform. You then log on to the course and enter the Username and Password we have supplied you when you purchased the test and then you are up and running!


As part of the online CEVNI test, you have unlimited practise tests before taking it for real.

When you feel ready to take the real test, the online CEVNI test will be displayed.


The CEVNI test contains of 2 parts and takes approximately 20 minutes. 

  • Part 1 consists of 15 questions on signs and buoyage
  • Part 2 has 15 questions on lights, shapes and sound signals

There is a time limit of 20 seconds for each question which is sufficient if you have studied adequately. 

Once you have completed the online CEVNI test, you will be told immediately whether you have been successful or not.


What's included

  • Access to the RYA interactive learning platform
  • Unlimited number of practicing examples of the online tests
  • The Online CEVNI Test
  • Proof of successful completion (self-printing)
  • Support from one of our RYA instructors


Recommended reading

We strongly recommend you complete some pre-reading/study prior to completing your online test.

The “RYA European waterways regulations (the CEVNI rules explained)” publication G17 provides the information you need to learn the code in a clear and concise way. You can purchase it as book or eBook via de RYA website.



Details of this course

Duration :  Estimated as 4 hours learning, plus the assessment


Assumed knowledge : None, but advised to study RYA publication G17


Cost:  35 Euro




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CEVNI online test


Online test on rules of inland European waters required to validate your International Certificate of Competence




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