Experience is king. It can be obtained by first taking several practical and theoretical courses, providing for a very solid basis. However, at C-MASTERS we also offer a more playful approach to learning and building up experience...


Experience Builder

"Coastal Sailing - for the first time"


This Experience Building Voyages is designed for sailors who enjoy sailing on inland waters, but at the same time have always wanted to pass those large coastal locks and experience the thrills of sailing on coastal waters.

This is your best choice If you're not interested in long distance sailing and you just want to experience the excitement of coastal trips in a relaxed manner and with coaching and support by one of our instructors.


Content of this experience builder

The content of the experience builder trip will be defined together with the students to meet their learning objectives, and may contain of:

  • Developing and executing a passage plan
  • Top tips on comfort on board and safety at sea
  • Passing coastal locks
  • Handling the effect of tide
  • Crossing traffic lanes with commercial ships
  • Practical sail handling techniques at sea
  • Entering a busy coastal harbour during daytime or in the evening
  • Entering a (partly drying) tidal harbour
  • Mooring and anchoring

The destination of the Experience Builder will be determined based on the learning objectives, and will be dependent on the number of days scheduled. Examples are:

  • Wadden Sea and isles in the North of The Netherlands
  • Belgian coast
  • North of France


What's included

  • C-MASTERS yacht with instructor
  • Reeds Skipper reference booklet
  • Food and drinks on board
  • Fuel and mooring fees
  • Free parking at our premises


Supporting courses

We recommend both the RYA shorebased courses, and the C-MASTERS Passage Planning course.


Supporting books

We recommend the RYA Navigation handbook and the RYA Sea survival handbook for building up practical sailing experience.




Details of this course

Recommended previous experience: Enthousiastic sailers at the level of Day Skipper and Competent Crew.


Recommended knowledge: As a minimum at the level of RYA Day Skipper shorebased navigation, preferably at the level of Coastal Skipper shorebased navigation.


Duration: 5 days


Course dates at our training centre in Zeeland:

  • 5 day Coastal Experience Builder from 10 to 14 October
  • We also organise this Experience Builder on request.


Cost: 1275 euro 







Small group, great sailing area


I'm very happy with the boat offering plenty of space per person. The area where we sailed offers lots of opportunities to practice and acquire all experiences. Good communication by the training centre when I booked the course and very clear joining instructions. The course was very much in line with my expectations.   


-- Ben --




Overview of all our Experience Building offerings



Coastal Sailing - for the first time


Let this experience builder be that big step forward that will allow you to expand your sailing area to a new dimension

Discover Zeeland and Belgian coast


Improve your yachting skills while exploring the beauties of our sailing area. We offer this experience builder for Zeeland and for the Belgian coast.


Crossing North Sea to London

img-7070 2

Being able to cross the North Sea and arrive in the UK is a milestone in the experience of all sailors. During 9 days, we will take you to various destinations including its bustling capital. 

Channel Islands Challenge 2022


Great opportunity to develop your advanced passage making skills, while sailing via Belgium and France to Guernsey, and back via the isle of Wight in the South of the UK. This is the ultimate summer sailing challenge. 


Sailing as a Family


Pass the sailing bug on to your family. All family members participate, learn and enjoy sailing.


Recreational Cruising


Sail, relax and explore our beautiful sailng area on board of your own or rented yacht.  Don't let confidence or lack of familiarity with the sailing area be an obstacle. Our instructor is there to assist you in making your recreative cruise a success.






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