Terms and Conditions for Navathome online courses

Navathome Terms and Conditions for Theory Courses

The contract is between Navathome.com and you the student

Terms and Conditions.

Refunds and returns
Under Navathome.com and consumer protection (Distance Selling) regulations you have a statutory cooling off period of 14 business days from the day you book your course.
At any time during this period you can notify Navathome.com that you wish to cancel your contract with us and your course fees will be refunded on return of the undamaged training materials.
The course materials must be returned in an "as new" condition and the postage paid.
Should a refund be requested the access to the online course material is terminated immediately.
You will not be able to claim a full refund if the course material has been damaged or if you have no proof of purchase.
Navathome reserves the right to deduct for the net cost of any missing or damaged course materials and postage.

Payments for course fees are due, in full, at the time of enrolment.
Payment for orders directly placed by you at Navathome.com can be made by bank transfer, online, by telephone or by cheque in GBP, drawn on a UK bank.
In the case of payment by cheque we reserve the right to allow the cheque to clear before dispatching your student pack.
Once payment has been made and confirmed, students will be supplied with the log in information to access the online course. Your course access period starts from the date the payment is received and you are logged into the system.
Local taxes and import duties on student packs are not included and may be added by local customs for deliveries outside of the UK.

Student Packs: Postage
The student pack will be sent on either the same day or the next working day and delivery to the UK and some European countries is included in the course price.
Additional fees may be applied to addresses outside of these areas for courier delivery.
All packs, whether dispatched via Royal Mail or by courier, are sent with tracking information and should be signed for.
Navathome will not be held responsible for any duty or expenses incurred in the country of delivery.
Recipients must be available to receive their packs or make arrangements for packs to be delivered to a care of address. Navathome will not accept responsibility for packs lost because the recipient was not available to receive them.

Student Packs: Packs sent to 'Care Of' addresses.
Navathome will not be held responsible for pack sent to 'care of' addresses of any type including business, marinas, relatives etc.
Replacement packs for those lost after delivery will be at the sole expense of the purchaser including postage and handling fees.

Student Packs: Pack contents.
Pack contents must be checked on arrival. A list of the contents is given in your course information available from your main menu page.
No replacements for breakages or missing items will be made after the fourteen day return period.

Course expiry
There is an initial access period of 6 months which is plenty of time to complete any of the courses offered.
Your access can be extended at any time for up to two years after your access runs out for an admin fee of £30.
Access lapses completely and your log in is deleted if your course has run out and you have not extended within two years of your course access expiry date.
Once you have finished the coursework and passed the assessment, your course is complete and you course access will be terminated. You can request access to the revision course at this time. Access to the revision course is available for a two year period following the completion of the course.

Internet access
You must have access to the internet and email to complete the course.

The course must be completed by you the student only, and cannot be shared. The course is not transferable and access is for the applicant only.

Please check that the free trial runs on your device before booking.
The courses do not use a platform so work on most devices including ipad, Iphone, PC, Mac, Android etc.
There some issues with the free chart plotter simulator provided by the RYA. It works on PC and Mac but not on mobile devices. It is not essential to the courses so it can be worked around if you do not have access the PC based units.

Pre course knowledge
You should be at the correct level for the course being taken. No previous experience is required to take the Day Skipper theory course, Day skipper theory is required for the Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster Offshore theory and Coastal/ Skipper / Yachtmaster Offshore theory is required before taking the RYA Yachtmaster Ocean theory course.
Navathome reserves the right to change Coastal Skipper / Yachtmaster Offshore theory course to a Day Skipper theory course if you are not at the required level or cannot produce a copy of your Day Skipper theory certificate.
Navathome reserves the right to change a course from Coastal Skipper / Yachtmaster Offshore theory course to Day Skipper theory if it becomes apparent that you do not have the required pre course knowledge or do not hold a current Day Skipper theory certificate.
If you have completed the Day skipper practical course but not the Day Skipper theory course then you need to complete the fastrack to Coastal Skipper / Yachtmaster Offshore course.

Student obligations
Your booking is accepted on the basis that you have assessed the given information on pre course requirements and have booked the correct course for your current level of knowledge and experience. To complete the course and prepare for the assessment you will need to work through all of the coursework. If your instructor requests additional study or revision you will need to complete it as requested to complete the course.

What we provide
We will provide online back up and land line telephone backup as required by each student and every endeavour will be made to help you achieve your aims. You will be supported by fully qualified RYA instructors for the duration of your course.
Certificates are issued in line with the RYA guidelines. Should your instructor decide that you have not reached the required standard after completing the coursework and the assessment they will
work with you to determine the course of action required to develop the skills and knowledge required.
We will not disclose information about students unless we are legally obliged to do so or a student has agreed in writing in advance.
By enrolling you confirm that we may hold necessary business information about you including your name, address, course booking, payment and course record. No credit card information is held by Navathome.
Any contract between you and us shall be governed by English law and the courts of England and Wales shall have non-exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute.
All dealings, correspondence and contact between us and you shall be made or conducted in the English language.
Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of course information. However, we cannot accept any liability for errors, omissions or inaccuracies in the course content.

We continuously improve the course content and we do welcome any feedback from students which will improve the quality of the course.
All online material has been written and is under copyright to Navathome.com Ltd.
No part of the online documents can be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, (electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise) or for any purpose, without the express written permission of Vic and Lyn Punch. Course material should be treated as for any copyrighted material.
Navathome has a zero tolerance policy and reserves the right to remove students from their course.
Should you feel that the course or the instructors has not met your expectations at any point, please make it known to your instructors as soon as possible so that Navathome can have the opportunity to rectify the problem.

Data protection.
Please note that Navathome does not store or have access to any of your credit card information. This is all managed securely by WorldPay or Paypal depending on your choice of payment.
How and why we hold your personal information:
Use of www.navathome.com is open to those completing Navathome online courses provided by Navathome. This website is encrypted and maintained on a secure server and your personal details will not be used for any other purpose than completing your online course.
In order to take a course you will be asked for your name, email, telephone number and address. Your name and email address are used for the purposes of recording any grades or certificates achieved and to make contact with you and your telephone number and postal address for delivery of your course material.
Management of your course and any instructional support that you may need is provided by your RYA instructor working on behalf of Navathome. Access to the course and support is provided for an initial period of 6 months and this may be extended should you choose to extend your study period. To allow this to happen your instructor has personal contact information and has visibility of your progress and achievements in the course admin.
On completion of your course, your name and email will be retained on the Navathome database for the purpose of recording details of the course and any certification gained as a result of it. Please note that your instructor may retain personal information for the purpose of providing additional services to you not associated with the Navathome online course.

A session cookie is used to provide continuity and maintain your login from page to page. Cookies must be enabled in your browser to allow this happen. When you log out or close the browser this cookie is destroyed.
Length of access:
The initial period of access for a Navathome course is 6 months and this may be extended for a further 6 months for a period of up to 2 years from your expiry date. Your name and email is retained on this data base for the purpose of using the course when your current access is active or for a record of any course completion or certification when you have completed the course or your course access has expired.
Requesting removal of your personal data:
If you would like your personal data removed from www.navathome.com prior to the end of your access period or at any time before you have completed your course, you can request it by email. Please contact ofni.[antispam].@navathome.com giving your name and email address and the course you would like to delete. Please note that if you request deletion of your account before you have completed your course, your access to the course and records of your progress will be lost.
If you would like details of your online course removing from the Navathome database when you have completed the course, please email your request to ofni.[antispam].@navathome.com giving your name and email address. Please note that removal of course details from the Navathome database, means that any certification gained as a result of this course will not be verifiable by Navathome, nor would Navathome be able to help with a replacement certificate.
Contact regarding your course:
Contact will normally be made by your RYA instructor. However, occasionally Navathome may contact you in relation to your course or account. This would normally be done by email. You will not receive any sales or marketing information from Navathome as a result of holding an account on the Navathome database.
If you have any questions about how we look after your personal information please contact us by email at ofni.[antispam].@navathome.com.

Course information
While Navathome will endeavour to ensure the correct functionality of courses across the most commonly used devices and web browsers, as such technologies evolve continuously, access cannot be guaranteed.
Course content is devised in good faith from RYA course material and is accurate at the time of publication. While the RYA and Navathome endeavours to ensure that content is reviewed regularly and appropriate changes are made to ensure that content is correct and up to date, it cannot be held responsible for errors.
Copyright of the courses offered through this site belongs to Navathome.com.

Unacceptable use of the site.
You must use the site and the information available from the site responsibly.





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