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C-MASTERS International Sailing School is recognised by the Royal Yachting Association for RYA practical sail cruising courses in Nieuwpoort at the Belgian coast.

We have chosen this location as it is ideally positioned to provide our RYA training courses and Experience Builder courses to anyone who would like to expand their horizon and learn offshore sailing at the North Sea. Our courses are offered in close cooperation with our partner and agent KWADRANT. We work with groups of no more than 4 participants at this location.

With several coastal ports, miles of coastline, sandbanks, buoys, recreational and commercial shipping and being located at the largest marina of Europe, the Belgian coast is a fantastic environment to build up your skills and become a solid coastal sailor.

At the same time, it's just a day sail away to get to France, the Netherlands or cross the North Sea towards England. Excellent for any of our students with ambitions to start making long distance offshore voyages.








Good reasons to choose for a training from our Nieuwpoort location


RYA practical training courses available in Belgium

We are the only RYA Training Centre providing practical sail courses in Belgium, well located in the largest marina in Northern Europe.

No better place to learn coastal and offshore sailing

Our sailing area is truly ideal for practicing your coastal and offshore sailing skills. We are one of the very few RYA centres in Western Europe offering RYA practical courses from a true coastal tidal harbour. 

Ideal location for Experience Builder trips

Thanks to direct access to the sea and our central position, we are in easy reach of otherwise far away destinations in foreign countries.

  Experienced RYA instructors

We deliver very intensive training to turn our customers into proficient confident skippers and crew members for coastal passages. Our instructors know the sailing area like the back of their hand.

English spoken 

All our courses are 100% provided in English.    

No hidden cost, all inclusive 

Our course fee does include meals on board, all fuel expenses, mooring costs, and tuition.   

Learning doesn't stop

All our students will receive thorough advice for further development of their skills at the end of their course, tailored to their knowledge, achieved progress and personal objectives. 

Turn your hobby into a profession

Outstanding students can enrol in our own C-MASTERS trainee training program.













Whatever your sail training needs are, we will help you MASTER them!



RYA practical Sail Cruising courses


We offer all RYA practical sail cruising courses to gain your certificate as Competent Crew, Day Skipper, Coastal Skipper or Yachtmaster.

'Crossing the North Sea to the UK'


Experience builder voyage starting in Nieuwpoort at the Belgian coast. Make plenty of miles and practice your navigation and boat handling skills with us on the North Sea, destination UK.


RYA Short Range Certificate exam


One day course/exam at our centre in Belgium to obtain your RYA/MCA Short Range Certificate for operating a VHF marine radio.


Come on board and explore our beautiful sailing area along the Belgian coast





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